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Every other American man under 30 is single, and so is one in three guys over 30. The numbers are lower for women, but only half of them are interested in seeking relationships, let alone commitment. So where does a man find a woman for marriage? Let’s go over a few options.

Where to Find a Woman Looking for Marriage

Most online dating sites and apps don’t have the best reputation among people looking for a serious relationship, as many users are after hookups and flings, not commitment. That’s why niche platforms for family oriented men and women have become popular, and this is our shortlist of sites perfect for finding your special someone.

How to Get a Woman Looking for Marriage through Mail Order Bride Sites

Like mainstream dating apps, mail order bride sites focus on search and communication tools, but the end goal is very different, and your approach should fit your relationship expectations. Finding the right woman usually takes a few steps:

  1. Test mail order bride platforms and choose the best site. Most offer free signup and welcome bonuses, so you can experience all the features and make an informed decision.
  2. Develop an attractive dating profile. High-quality photos are a major draw, and so are small personal details that will help you find something in common with the girls you meet.
  3. Explore the dating pool and create a list of favorites. Most dating platforms use search filters and matching tools to match you with compatible ladies. Saving your favorites to a list is handy for keeping track of them.
  4. Get to know a few women until you find the perfect girl. Live chat, letters, video calls, and messages will help you get a unique experience of a long-distance relationship with a woman from any country.
  5. Set up an IRL date and gauge your compatibility in person. It will likely involve international travel for one or both of you, but it’s a necessary step before you propose and change your life forever.

When you decide you know each other well enough to take your relationship to the next level, help your fiance get a visa and relocate. After that, you can get married and have your happily ever after. 

Why Use Mail Order Bride Sites for Getting a Woman for Marriage

The short answer is that they are convenient. 

If you want the long answer, here are a few of the most salient arguments in favor of niche mail order bride sites:

  1. There are global and local niche dating platforms, letting you pick the ideal dating destination based on your type and personality preferences.
  2. Mail order bride sites attract more women interested in long-term relationships and marriage than casual arrangements, improving the chances of finding a wife. 
  3. International dating sites help integrate dating into a busy daily routine, even if you have zero time for dinner and movie dates.
  4. Niche mail order bride platforms incorporate handy services, like chat and email translation and flower and gift delivery to ensure your relationship runs smoothly.
  5. Getting to know foreign ladies online before meeting them in person is more convenient and affordable than setting out on a romance tour around the world. 
  6. Reputable international dating sites verify member accounts to reduce the risks of online scams that cost Americans $1.14 billion in 2023.

Of course, there are downsides to using mail order bride sites, though most complaints come down to the cost of paid services. But considering the benefits you can reap, allocating a small monthly budget to online dating doesn’t seem too outrageous. 

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