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To be honest, western people don’t know much about Belarus. Some heard about the protests, some know that this is the country that shares borders with Russia, but in fact, this is one of the most amazing post-Soviet countries, the biggest treasure of which are women. Are they educated? What do they think about the institution of the family? We’ll give the answers to these questions and also tell you where you can meet gorgeous Belarusian brides.

Best Belarusian Mail Order Brides and Dating Sites in 2024

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How much does a Belarus bride cost?

As a Westerner who has never set foot in Belarus but is fascinated with Belarusian mail order brides, you have two options. Number one is to book a ticket to Belarus and spend an indefinite time exploring the country and meeting local women. We are sure you’ll have a great time in hospitable Belarus, but you may not find your future wife this way. To girls in Belarus, you will be just a tourist, and few of them will actually consider dating or marrying you.

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A far better solution is to go for online dating. Internet dating is very common among Belarus brides who are looking for a foreign husband. You will be able to choose from the most eligible bachelorettes of Belarus. Then, after you develop mutual feelings for one of them, you can take that life-changing trip to Belarus to meet her in person.

Online dating expenses

The most effective way to meet Belarus women for marriage is through special mail order bride sites that are not free. Making men pay for a better experience is a way for those sites to ensure a higher quality of the audience and a safer platform for every member. The good news is that even advanced access to a popular mail order bride platform is not expensive. You can expect to spend between 6 and 12 months on a dating site until you find the right lady, and here is how much each month is going to cost you:

  • Premium membership: $15-$50
  • Extra communication features: $50-$200
  • Gift and flower delivery services: $100-$500
  • Translation services: $50 or higher

Travel expenses

After you’ve spent a while communicating with Belarus brides online and are now ready to take your relationship with one of them further, you can’t really do it without a real-life meeting. A trip to Belarus is a great way to meet your bride in person and once again make sure that you want to be with her long-term. Western travelers are often surprised by how cheap Belarus is, and here are the average prices you will pay for a 14-day trip there:

  • Plane tickets: $1,500
  • Accommodations: $800
  • Food: $400
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300

Your trip will cost approximately $3,200, but it goes without saying that the final budget for the trip depends on several factors, including your travel style, the activities you and your Belarus bride enjoy the most, and the city you are staying in.

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Main Belarusian females characteristics

What you should know about Belarusian mail order brides? Here are some interesting facts.

  • Family is incredibly important for Belarusian brides, but it’s not that easy to build happiness. The divorce rate is pretty high in Belarus, and locals say that financial strains can lead many couples to avoid having children, and that may result in more divorces. This is an economic problem, and many women in Belarus believe that they can solve it by finding a husband in another country.
  • Belarusian women for marriage are better educated than Belarusian men. At the level of tertiary education, there is a large gender gap—with more women than men enrolled in universities. And they’re still paid less, unfortunately.
  • Over 73% of Belarusian ladies are active Internet users. That’s more than in many post-Soviet countries. They know about the modern trends, and they are a bit more westernized, which is good for every man looking for a Belarusian mail order wife.
  • Beauty correlates with health. Belarusian wives are as beautiful as other Slavic ladies (by the way, they are a bit taller, so if you love ladies who look like top models, you’ll hardly find a better country to find a girlfriend) and they care a lot about health. Most young women in this country are into sports, and, as well as other Slavic girls, they will hardly leave home without makeup, wearing old shorts and oversize T-shirts.

So, they are beautiful, well-educated, more westernized than most people think they are, and most importantly, they want to have a family and children. Generally speaking, the desire to start a family is what usually makes them look for boyfriends abroad.

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How to meet Belarusian brides?

As we have noted above, many Belarusian mail order brides are active Internet users, so no wonder ladies who are single or divorced look for foreign matches on the web. Of course, you can try to find a Belarusian wife on social networks, but they work worse than niche websites that connect you with ladies who know exactly what they want and are ready to migrate. However, it’s important to consider that only some of them are really worth using. We recommend carefully analyzing the platforms before you join any of the communities, paying most attention not only to prices but also to the quality of profiles and features.

How much does a Belarusian mail order bride cost?

Of course, you can’t just browse the site, choose a woman, make a payment and get a wife—things don’t work like that. However, you can find the best matches, contact women, choose one of them and start a relationship with her. Then you meet each other, and if you meet each other’s expectations, get married.

So, you pay only for the dating services and trips, the cost of which will depend on the choices you make. If we suppose that you join a mid-range site and interact with members a lot, you will likely spend about $1,000 on dating (during a year). Two trips to Belarus will cost you about $4,000. So, “the bride” is likely to cost you about $5,000.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of Belarusian girls for marriage who’d like to start a family with a decent man. And there are a lot of men who’d like to start a family with a Belarusian bride. And there are websites that connect them. So, if you choose the right platform, you’ll be able to start a happy relationship with a lady from Belarus—if this is what you want, just give it a try.

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