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Who are Indian brides? Why do they make a decision to become mail order brides? Do they start happy families and how do their foreign boyfriends meet them? You’ll find the answers here.

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Marriage migration was always pretty common in India—over 300 million women migrate within the country to live with their husbands. Some ladies, however, prefer to migrate not within India—more and more women become Indian mail order brides and move to their husbands’ countries—USA, Canada, Australia, etc.

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How much does an Indian bride cost?

Before we talk about the overall cost of meeting an Indian woman for marriage, let’s see what options for meeting her are out there. Option number one is to travel to India and meet local women, hoping that one of them will agree to take your relationship further and become your wife.

Unfortunately, this option has not proven to be very effective. India is not the easiest country to travel to on your own, and things can be even tougher when your goal is to meet a potential bride. You should be ready for Indian girls not trusting you as a foreign guy or not wanting to go beyond simple courtesy because they don’t see the relationship grow into something serious.

This is why most Western men now go for option number two, which is online dating. The biggest benefit of searching for an Indian mail order bride online is that you get to set your own terms for the relationship. You can talk to as many or as few girls at once as you’d like and only meet in person when you are absolutely ready. Here is a breakdown of your typical expenses when dating Indian brides online.

Online dating expenses

With most dating sites, you can sign up for free but need a paid membership to access the most essential features, including messaging. Some communication features, such as video chat and phone calls, may not be included in the standard membership, so you may need to pay for them by purchasing credits. The average online dating expenses for 1 month are:

  • Premium membership: $15-$50
  • Extra communication features: $50-$100
  • Gift and flower delivery services: $100-$500
  • Translation services: $50
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Travel expenses

After you’ve met your share of potential Indian women for marriage and are ready to settle on one of them, you will need to take a trip to India to meet the lady in real life. The cost of your trip can depend on many factors, including your travel style and the city you’ll be staying in. The typical budget for a 14-day stay in India includes:

  • Plane tickets: $1,000
  • Accommodations: $500
  • Food: $300
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300

By these estimations, the budget for your trip to India starts at a little over $2,000. Naturally, it doesn’t include certain types of expenses, such as gifts to the bride and her family, because the budget for those can differ a lot. However, this is where you can begin your calculations!

Main Indian women characteristics

Before we move on to the best ways to meet Indian wives online, let’s take a look at some facts that can help us better understand these women.

  • The traditions, including marital ones are still strong in India. People in big cities, in turn, are under the bigger influence of modern western trends, so life is different in India. Most local women are pretty strong, smart, and motivated to start a family. They like traditional and gender family roles, however, there is the other side of the coin, and it’s no good. According to statistics, the domestic violence rates in India are still incredibly high, women are discriminated against at work and still face a lot of difficulties in their daily lives. No wonder many of them want to change that and live in a safe, modern community.
  • The number of female students is constantly growing. Though women in India still fight for equality, more and more of them get bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Circumstances just can ruin their confidence and the desire for self-development.
  • Indian women for marriage are naturally beautiful. Meeting an incredibly hot girl in the streets of an Indian city is a norm, not a challenge. Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone—just take a look at these girls to understand how gorgeous Indian females really are.
  • Family is not a temporary thing for Indian girls. They know exactly that they want to live a life with a man, have children, and have a happy family. That’s why girls living in bigger cities prefer not to hurry and choose a husband who really meets their criteria, is reliable, strong, confident, and successful.

There are a lot of charming single ladies in India. If you think that an Indian wife will make you happy, keep reading—we’ll provide more detailed information on the ways to meet her and the costs below.

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How to meet Indian brides?

India is developing, and more and more people there get access to the world wide web. Using dating sites is not that uncommon as it was a few decades ago—thousands of Indian mail order brides are now looking for perfect matches on niche platforms. So, the easiest way to find them is to join such websites, too. Note that despite there are plenty of pretty good sites in the market, you still need to choose a provider carefully, paying special attention to such important things as privacy policy, prices and hidden costs, quality of members’ profiles, and, of course, the number of potential matches from India.

How much does an Indian mail order wife cost?

Of course, you can’t just choose Indian wives on the site, make a payment, and get a wife. Here is how it actually works: you can join a dating site, use it to find matches, choose a girl, start dating her online, and then meet her in real life, and after that, you decide if you want to marry her or not. So, it’s pretty much like regular dating. However, the dating services, as well as travel services aren’t provided for free.

A year on a mid-range site with credits will cost you about $1,000. Two trips to India will cost about $3,000 (the price will depend on your travel style, this is the average price). So, you’re likely to spend about $4,000 in total.

Final thoughts

Can you find love in India? It depends on what you are looking for in your future bride. Consider the facts that we provided above and make your decision but keep in mind that you’ll find your match only if you choose a safe and trusted website.

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