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Most of us know China as the most populous country on the planet, a country with an impressive economic and technological progress, or a country with some of the world’s most intriguing and even perplexing traditions.

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Today we want you to look at China from a different angle — a country with charming Chinese mail order brides.

beautiful chinese woman in swimsuit

Facts about Chinese women for marriage you may not know yet

Only a few decades ago, Chinese women mostly wanted to become stay-at-home wives and mothers. They had little to no career aspirations. And while there are some modern Chinese girls for marriage who want the same, the majority of brides from China have a different idea about the female role in the family. They want to be diligent mothers and loving wives, but they don’t want to limit themselves and try to do as much with their lives as possible.

3 features that make Chinese wives so popular

  • Lovely looks. The beauty of Chinese brides is sometimes overlooked because there are so many gorgeous women in Asia. However, we believe that it deserves all the attention you have. Chinese ladies have petite figures and delicate features. Their smiles are captivating, and their eyes make you think about them all the time. Females in China are big proponents of natural beauty, and they know how to maintain their best features.
  • Good education. Families in China invest a lot of effort and money into educating their daughters. As a result, most Chinese beauties have at least one university degree in addition to a complete school education. They don’t just study for the sake of getting a degree — they actually want to apply their education and become respected professionals in their field.
  • Ambitious nature. A Chinese wife is someone who can achieve a lot and yet will never stop wanting more. Women from China know they can accomplish a lot in their lifetime and nothing can take them off their course. This is not necessarily related to their careers. Chinese wives will always want to explore new areas of life, travel, improve the family’s financial status, and motivate you to do the same.

pretty chinese girl in mirror

How to find yourself a Chinese girl for marriage

If you are already imagining the expensive and time-consuming trip to China as an attempt to meet Chinese mail order brides, the whole experience can turn out to be disappointing. You will inevitably run into a language and cultural barrier, and very few of the women you meet will actually consider marriage to a foreign guy. This is why online dating is a better alternative all around. It’s more effective, more convenient, and far less expensive than dating as a tourist.

How much do men typically spend on this experience?

When using a popular dating service, you will need to pay for a monthly premium membership and cover additional communication features such as video chat and phone calls. Visiting your bride in China will also cost you some money. In general, you can expect to pay between $3,000 and $20,000 for up to a year of your search.

Dating Chinese mail order brides: pros and cons


  • Your relationship will have the right power balance.
  • You will feel like the most cherished man in the world.
  • You will delve into a fascinating foreign culture.


  • Chinese brides tend to get married around their thirties.
  • You will need to try harder to impress her.

Final thoughts

Right now, a Chinese mail order wife may be a complete mystery to you, but once you meet one of them in person, it won’t take you long to fall in love with her. Chinese bombshells make incredible girlfriends and even better wives. So if a happy marriage is something you’ve wanted for a long time, take the ultimate life-changing step today and start looking for your soulmate on a trusted dating site!