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Vietnam is another country that has many mail order brides and women for serious dating. In 2019, more than 1,780 Vietnamese brides married Americans and received the K-1 visa. If you want to find a good Vietnam wife, check out top dating websites that will help you!

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Many things make Vietnamese women for marriage so attractive to Western men. Specifically, these are the three best things about Vietnamese mail order brides:

pretty vietnamese bride in bed
  • Natural beauty. The women from Vietnam you meet are not just good-looking, but also fans of natural beauty. The caramel-colored skin, sleek and dark hair, captivating eyes, and subtle curves of Vietnamese girls result from good genetics and self-care, not some extensive beauty procedures.
  • Kindness and respect. When you are in a relationship with a lady from Vietnam or are married to her, you will always feel like you are the most important person in her life. This is because Vietnamese women are naturally kind, and they treat everyone with respect, especially when it’s someone they are close to.
  • Family values. A mail order Vietnamese bride is your best choice when you want to settle down, get married, and start a family. These women consider family to be the most valuable thing in the world, and they are ready to give their all to the people they love.

However, the reasoning behind Vietnamese mail order brides seeking Western guys for marriage is not purely practical. Sure, they don’t mind upgrading their quality of living just like any other foreign woman living in a developing country would. However, they also do it because they are genuinely interested in meeting Western men.

A typical Vietnamese girl has never met a foreign man in person but has a clear idea of who a Western gentleman is from the media and other sources. She compares the image of a typical Western guy to the men she meets in her home country and realizes that the foreign man is a better option in nearly every regard, from attitude to women to the readiness to take responsibility for the family. Considering all this, the desire of Vietnamese brides to marry Western men is entirely understandable.

Vietnam bride price: how much does a Vietnamese mail order bride cost?

As a Western man living thousands of miles away from Vietnam, you have two options for meeting your future Vietnamese wife. First, you can go to Vietnam as a tourist and try meeting women there, although this solution is risky and not always effective. Alternatively, you can do your search online, and only after you’ve established a connection with a Vietnam girl for marriage, you can take the trip to her home country.

vietnamese mail order bride in bra

The latter option is the preferred one for thousands of Western gentlemen pursuing Vietnamese ladies. It allows you to make the initial contact from the comfort of your own home and communicate online for as long as you feel comfortable. Then, once you are convinced you have found your ideal woman, you can finally meet her in real life and see how it goes.

When you choose to meet Vietnamese women for marriage online, you should prepare yourself for two types of expenses. The first type is the money you will pay for using a dating platform. Most of the popular mail order bride sites allow you to sign up for free but require you to pay in order to have a comprehensive online dating experience. For example, this is how much men pay on average every month for using an online dating service:

  • Monthly premium membership: $10-$50
  • Additional communication features: $50-$200
  • Delivery of gifts and flowers to the woman: $100-$500
  • Translation services: $50

The other type of expense you’ll need to cover is travel expenses. Vietnam is not a particularly expensive country for Western tourists. However, traveling there is still not cheap because of the distance. Plus, for certain expenditures, you need to double the price you are paying. For example, when you visit a nice restaurant, a cinema, or a museum with your bride, you are going to be paying for two. This is what the typical budget for visiting Vietnam looks like for 14 days:

  • Plane tickets: $1,200
  • Accommodations: $700
  • Food: $400
  • Transportation: $200
  • Entertainment: $300

The total for your trip can be around $2,800. Needless to say, this is only the minimum amount you can pay. The better your hotel class is, the fancier the restaurants you visit are, and the more local signs you want to see, both on your own and with your bride, the bigger your budget will be.

Why choose Vietnamese brides for sale?

If you are looking for a kind, friendly, smart, and family-oriented girl, then Vietnamese mail order wives are your ideal option! These ladies want to become mothers and wives, and online dating is the perfect place for them to achieve their dreams!

Why does a Vietnamese mail order wife seek Western men?

Vietnam is a relatively poor country, so a lot of Vietnamese ladies just want to build a family with a man who can provide for it. Also, they know that a lot of guys in the United States are unable to find a young and family-oriented girls.

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