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Every other American guy under 30 is single, and one in three men over 30 don’t have a partner, while the numbers are much lower for women. Moreover, twice as many single men as women are interested in getting dates, which leads to unhappy parties all around. Today, we’ll share ways to meet women to boost your chances of starting a relationship. 

Where to Meet Women 

The internet has irrevocably changed the dating world. Fifty years ago most people met their partners in school or at work, but in 2024, three out of ten Americans use online dating apps and sites to meet their matches. Yet, every other single American believes dating is now harder than it was ten years ago. Hopefully, our suggestions can help you meet girls easier.


With dating apps and online dating sites taking over in the pandemic years, it seems like you can no longer find single women offline. Although some singles may not be open to talking to strangers, meeting women is easier than it seems, especially if you consider the most likely places to find a match:

  • Look for single ladies in your outer circle of acquaintances. There might be someone interested in a relationship with you.
  • Join a class, a team, or a club. You’ll meet women who might be into the same things you are. Having common interests is an instant conversation starter.
  • Participate in work-related events to get to know ladies in the industry. They might be more open to relationships than your colleagues, especially if your workplace frowns upon fraternization.
  • Attend volunteer events. Having a mutual cause is a good indicator of a successful relationship, especially if you’re genuinely interested in the initiative.

These are nothing but suggestions, as love stories prove you can meet an attractive woman and fall in love in the most unexpected places without even trying.

How to Meet Women Online

Most dating sites and apps make finding potential matches easy, but there are a few tricks that can boost your chances of finding a date if you’re an online dating rookie:

  • Make your dating profile attractive using quality pictures, videos, and smart lines
  • Remain active daily to get attention from more women who use the app at different times
  • Customize your opening lines to personal details you find in dating profiles
  • Prioritize chats with smart and hot women who share your relationship goals

Finally, know when to bring your online relationship into the real world to see if it has the potential to become something serious.

How to Meet Women Offline

Dating coach advice does more harm than good, as it intimidates guys into thinking they’ll never get a date without confident body language, winning smiles, and hilarious one-liners. When in fact most beautiful women appreciate attention and are open to meeting new people, especially if you use a few simple tips:

  • Practice chatting with women wherever you go. Start conversations in the grocery store, post office, or gym, and ask a setting-appropriate question if you don’t know what to say. 
  • Be respectful and polite when approaching attractive women. They are more likely to welcome your advances if you don’t behave like a crazy stalker.
  • Learn to read body language. Try to only approach women who are in a social mood and seem like they wouldn’t mind talking to you.
  • Approach women with genuine interest instead of hoping for an instant date. Give ladies time to get to know you before springing an offer to go out on them.

If dating events and blind date setups make you uncomfortable, there are many ways to meet women online and offline. As long as you follow a few basic courtesy rules and remain creative in your search, you should have no trouble finding your match.

Jaime Bronstein
Relationship expert
She is an international therapist, dating coach, and an "intuitive relationship expert" as she calls herself. With more than 52,000 Instagram followers, she is one of the most popular relationships and dating coaches in the US right now. She provides personalized counseling and dating coaching (including online dating!) so she knows a lot about how to attract a woman online.