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You might already heard about mail order bride sites and wonder if they actually still work. Well, some of them are only getting to their pick. As long as Western guys want to marry foreign women, the mail order bride industry will be out there. 

But not all mail order bride agencies are the same, let’s explore the main peculiarities and how to find a real mail order bride there. Can’t wait? Check out our top mail order bride sites down below.

How Do MOB Sites Work?

Mail order bride sites are very similar to other online dating sites, as users join, search, match, and communicate to see if they can go further into a relationship. But the main peculiarity of mail order brides sites is that women and men there are seeking partners for only serious relationships and potentially marriage. It’s not a place for casual dating or a foreign affair.

But how does a mail order bride service help you find a life partner? Here are the main things you should know:

  • Not all mail order bride sites are the same. There are international and mono-national mail order brides sites. If you are, for example, into Russian women, you can explore Russian mail order brides sites or platforms with Eastern European women. There are websites for all the main regions of the world.
  • Joining a mail order brides site is often free. Both guys and mail order brides can join for free, but only male members usually pay for advanced features. Yet it depends on the particular dating site.
  • Members search for matches. Most international dating sites and mail order wife sites provide various free search ways to help users find the most compatible matches.
  • Users approach each other. There are usually many text, voice, photo, and video communication methods to help get to know international partners and see if there is a spark.
  • Singles develop relationships with members they like. You talk and see how things go.

So, basically, a mail order bride website is a hub for people who want an online dating site but with users who have serious intentions.

Do free MOB Sites Work?

Though many mail order bride agencies advertise themselves as free, they are rarely legit. In the best-case scenario, they just have hidden fees. But most often, they are full of scammers, as scam artists don’t like to invest their money; they want to get yours. So, it’s better to go for a partly-paid or a fully-paid mail order bride site.

Mail Order Bride Websites Work the Best for

Considering the niche specialization, mail oder brides site won’t give good results to all singles. It will work best for:

  • Guys and girls of all ages interested in starting a serious relationship
  • People ready for commitment and marriage
  • Individuals interested in cross-cultural relationships and international marriage
  • Men and women who want to find a perfect match fast (1-2 months)
  • Singles who don’t mind paying for communication tools

If you don’t fall into these categories, it doesn’t mean that a mail order bride dating service won’t work for you or you can’t use it. You can. It just works best for these categories.

Practical Tips on How to Pick Mail Order Brides Websites

Unfortunately, not all online dating services that say that they have real mail order brides, actually have them. Some of the dating platforms are just scam sites or are full of scammers waiting to take advantage of you. This is why you need to ensure your safety, which is mainly done by picking a reliable mail order brides site. Here are some practical tips for that:

  • Choose your type. If you have preferences, like you prefer Asian mail order brides, go for a mono-national dating service, as you are going to have more options. Or, if you are not sure yet, join an international dating site.
  • Read reviews. You can find a professional review on almost any mail order bride site now. Take your time to read them and explore the services, member base, features, and prices before actually committing.
  • Look for real user feedback. See if there are comments about successful marriage and long-term relationships. Also, knowing the overall experience helps.
  • Choose the dating website for your budget. The best mail order bride site might be more expensive, but you can explore alternatives or find a way to make it work for you.

The most important thing is taking time, doing your research, and not joining the first dating site you see on Google.

Is It Secure to Use Mail Order Bride Services?

If you join one of the high-quality mail order bride or international dating sites, then yes. Those platforms usually invest a lot in security and privacy and have strict moderation systems. However, you need to understand that no site online can guarantee you 100% safety.

Safety Tips for Seeking Mail Order Marriages

If you want to increase your security when searching for mail order wives, here are a few tips on that:

  • Sign up only for a reputable mail order bride agency
  • Register through a separate email that you use only for online dating
  • Don’t add photos to your dating profile that you have on your public social media
  • Mind what private information you share
  • Approach only verified users 
  • Never send money to strangers
  • Don’t click on links that a fake mail order bride sends you
  • Don’t move your communication from the dating site

Romance scams are still a thing, and singles are losing thousands of dollars annually. So, ensure that you use the best mail order brides sites and always check the red flags.


People still use specialized sites to find mail order brides from Latin America, Asia, and Eastern European countries. Considering the number of success stories and foreign brides coming to the US each year, these dating sites work. The key is to find the right one!

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